A day in the life at Heart and Soil

Katie Massy

Farmer at Heart and Soil

The day starts with children. We wake up when our teething baby tells us to wake up. That is can be as early at 4 in the morning. Thus begins the consumption of coffee, and maybe another pot as the day moves forward. 

If it is early in the week, we are planting. We try to plant as much as possible. Once market season hits, we are harvesting so it becomes more difficult to plant and harvest at the same time. Some days we will harvest all day and then plant all evening.

We have been farming for almost 10 years. During this time we have changed so much. We work just as hard, but we have so much more knowledge. This knowledge is precious, and has been hard won from many seasons of failure. Our trials have become our success. 

So what is it like to be a farmer? To be honest, it is hard! Every year we hope it will get easier, but it never does. We work because we believe local food will bring goodness to this world. And in the end, what else is there to do?

So, the big takeaway from all  this is to know that farming is all encompassing. All day is farm talk. When to plant, when to harvest, what to harvest, what to plant. And through all this, our children learn the ways of the land. 

Life as a farmer is so deeply connected to the season. We are just like the plants. Early spring we are full of vigor, growing and planting. Once the season slows and we move into fall, we begin to burn out, just like the plants and trees start to turn bright orange, red and brown.

If you ever wonder what it is like to be a farmer, all that you need to know is that we want to grow the best food possible for our community. That is our biggest goal each season.  

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